I have a thing for doing things repeatedly. Especially in my Instagram account. But up until recently that had to do only with the format of my posts.At the same time, I love everything about storytelling. I do believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, but all these words are not always enough.

You see I own a personal profile and most of my photos are taken with my smartphone. It’s not an account of a professional photographer neither of an influencer. Just my thoughts and the way I see things.

So I decided to add more to my description of each post. At first, there were just three chapters that completed a story. But then I realized that every moment, every post, is a unique chapter, a unique story. And now they all have the same form. The chapter’s title, three sentences that enhance my thoughts and a closure. You can either relate to my thought as it is or to isolated to parts of it. The thing is that I add a few more words to the thousand that you can imagine with every photo. And these words are really important to me and my feelings of every single moment that is described.

It has been a while since I had a specific pattern that I love. And that’s why I share it with all of you. Below you’ll see my first efforts and how they evolved to be my way of thinking.

Hope you like my way of storytelling.

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Chapter 1

The sea like a siren is always calling me. I was just passing by for a walk when I heard her. She was there, calm and beautiful with a sound full of harmony. Enchanted by the sound, I went as near as I could to enjoy the peace. And maybe manage to take some back with me when I come back in the city.

Chapter 2

I couldn’t give in to the calling of the sea and I tried to leave. On my way back, I saw a leaf. It reminded me of fall. All these moments and photos with leaves like that one filling my Instagram wall. But there it was now, alone, left behind. And I thought I could give it one more moment of fame. Even now, it’s beautiful!

Chapter 3

I took a few more steps back. I was already in the dark but the island was still sunny. I realized why they say that at that time we have the perfect light for photos. It’s because before the sun goes, he would like to show us the magical beauty of our surroundings. Peace of mind is peace of everything.

Chapter: The Rain.

The rain that affects my feelings.
The rain that makes me decide if I’ll go out there or not.
The rain that I like dancing in but not just walking in.
Is it raining right now?
I wonder.

Chapter: The empty seats.

The seats that scream loneliness.
The seats that remind you of your endless waiting.
The seats that if they fill, you instantly feel better.
The seats that the word “empty” beside them, hurts you.
The empty ones.

Chapter: The Falling Star.

The star that you put last on and you pull out first.
The star that symbolizes hope.
The star that its power for hope isn’t permanent.
The star you wait a whole year for.
The falling one.

Chapter: The Black Coffee.

The coffee that accompanies your day.
The coffee that you feel as a friend.
The coffee that you can’t say no to.
The black one.

Chapter: The Troubled Weather.

The weather that a raindrop doesn’t bring the rain.
The weather that troubles your outfit.
The weather that makes you wait for the sun.
The troubled one.

Chapter: The Broken Road.

The road that crumbles before you.
The road that you cannot follow.
The road that you hope it will be fixed soon.
The broken one.

Chapter: The Tuesday’s Sunset.

The sunset that will drive you through the week.
The sunset that makes you calm for a while.
The sunset that lets you hope for a better tomorrow.
The Tuesday’s one.

Chapter: The Censorious Spotlight.

The spotlight that highlights the points that hurt.
The spotlight that is inevitable to escape from.
The spotlight that you are afraid of its light.
The censorious one.

Chapter: The Almost Dark Sky.

The sky that takes away the light.
The sky that pops up only what is needed.
The sky that make you shiver for the dark hours that are coming.
The almost dark one.

Chapter: The Romantic Walks.

The walks that lead you in special moments.
The walks that you reveal your secret city treasures.
The walks that change your way of feeling the city vibes.
The romantic ones.