I used to paint back in high school. And play music and write. I was never discouraged from doing these things I loved – but for some reason I always felt like pursuing an ‘art’ career was not a ‘sensible’ option and having always been the ‘sensible’ kid I headed to uni to study psychology. This line of thinking really turned out to be laughable – as about a year into my degree an opportunity came along and I started a children’s party and event company at the age of nineteen. Yes – probably the LEAST sensible job I could have ever created! Although designing different party accessories definitely fell into the category of a creative industry- it just never felt quite right. And like most small business owners – the administrative side quickly took over and I found myself spending all of my time managing and training staff, book-keeping and project managing….

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And when the global financial crisis hit, things definitely got harder and I felt even more stuck in the life I had chosen. And then, in late 2015… I realized that after 15 years in business and the birth of two children my life was disappearing far too quickly and it was time I started embracing what I had really wanted to do my whole life …paint. And so I did. I just got out my paints one day without thinking about it too much – and started painting again. I began closing my business one day a week so I had a ‘day off’ to focus on creating. I had no real goal but to re-connect with the joy I get from just making things. And it’s scary. And amazing. And every day is a challenge. Some days I feel guilty for doing something I love so much… and I worry whether or not people will like my work as much as I love creating it! But I finally feel like i’m giving it a shot – whether it works out or not. Now I don’t go to sleep each night thinking in the back of my mind “What if I’d had the courage to put myself out there and actually paint?”…

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“Phtalo Atmosphere 1” blue and green abstract expressionist artwork

“Calm Waters” abstract fluid artwork work in progress…

“When Snow Falls” blue and white abstract artwork

Black and white female portrait

“Dance in the Rain” abstract artwork in moody blues…

“Phtalo Atmosphere II” abstract artwork

“Imperfection” female portrait in black and white

“It’s a Man’s World” bright colour pop female portrait

“Phtalo Atmosphere 1” blue and green abstract expressionist artwork

Me in my home studio…