Every day, passersby and customers of the local Mega shopping center in the Russian city of Kaliningrad witness a blue-eyed husky dog calmly waiting in the exact spot. But this is not just another heartbreaking story of a stray dog, abandoned in cold streets — this Russian Hachiko is actually on duty to patiently wait for his owner. The loyal dog, who is always wearing his trademark clean blue sweater, simply waits outside for 8 hours every workday until Svetlana, his owner, finishes work and they can go home together.

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The husky was spotted waiting outside the mall for 8 hours every day

Image credits: Alexander Podgorchuk

The story went viral in Russia after the unusual sight of this adorable dog caught the attention of the local media portal klops.ru. Journalists reached out to the dog owner only to find out that he isn’t an abandoned animal at all.

People were shocked and concerned about the possibly abandoned pooch

Image credits: Alexander Podgorchuk

The owner had to leave a note to convince people that the dog is not a stray—he’s waiting for her to get off work

Image credits: Alexander Podgorchuk

The hand-written note says, “This dog is not abandoned!!! He’s waiting for his owner to get off work!” Svetlana made sure to include the details she gets asked the most and compiled a list of keynotes describing the situation. She said that the cute dog is not cold or hungry and that it’s his casual daily routine to go to work with his owner.

The husky howled from morning til dusk when left alone, so Svetlana takes him everywhere now

Image credits: Alexander Podgorchuk

No one knows what your pets are up to when you leave the house. Apparently, this loyal dog couldn‘t deal with separation that well. According to neighbors, when left alone, the husky howled all day long. Afraid of losing her rented communal apartment, Svetlana figured out a solution that she and the dog are both perfectly comfortable with—they do everything together. Every morning, the dog wakes up to her alarm and runs to the door with great enthusiasm. They go to work together and she leaves him next to the store while shopping. During her workday, Svetlana checks on the dog every hour to go for a short ten-minute walk and they spend her entire 40-minute lunch break together. Huskies are a special breed that can withstand very cold temperatures, so being outside isn’t dangerous. On the contrary, experts say that interacting with people and other animals is beneficial.

“He has a sad look because I am not around and he misses me. Even if I leave him unleashed, he will remain in the same spot waiting for me”

Image credits: Alexander Podgorchuk

Svetlana doesn’t disclose her pet’s name so that strangers won’t take him away.

The dog has needed unconditional love and attention from his owners since he was a little puppy. When they adopted the husky’s father from a shelter, they had to sell the pup. Svetlana had already fallen in love with him, so when the new owners called the next day complaining about his unbearable whining and crying, there was no other choice but to give him a forever home, and they have been inseparable ever since.

Svetlana got used to leaving quirky notes

Image credits: khaski_v_sinem_svitere

“Dog is not abandoned! He’s working! Guarding the tree! The owner is in the store”

“Husky in a blue sweater” is on the hunt for Instagram hearts

Image credits: khaski_v_sinem_svitere

Recently, after a mind-blowing success, the “husky in a blue sweater” appeared on Instagram to steal the hearts of dog lovers around the world and share his daily adventures. “I don’t count him as a dog⁠. He’s my friend, my son. We have the same zodiac sign, both Capricorns. I understand him perfectly, and he understands me too,” Svetlana told klops.ru.

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