The body positivity movement has been in full swing for more than a few years now, yet there are still disagreements on how, exactly, it should be done. A writer named Robbie Tripp recently added to the controversy when he penned a heartfelt letter to his wife, Instagram model Sarah Tripp, praising her ‘curvy body’ and proclaiming her as a ‘real woman.’ Let’s discuss this for a minute.

It all seemed sweet enough, and after the post went viral with almost 20 thousand likes, most people were giving the guy a standing ovation. His letter understandably rubbed a few people the wrong way, however. Women who don’t identify as ‘curvy’ or ‘thick’ felt highly excluded, and even shamed by Tripp’s idea of what a ‘real’ body is supposed to look like. Not all of us have those ‘cute little stretch marks’ and ‘dimples on our booty’ that he so fawns over, after all.

Body positivity is meant to be shared by women of all shapes and sizes, whether you’re a size 2 or 22. A fair number of people feel that this attempt at contributing to the movement missed the mark – big time. Read Tripp’s letter below, and give us your take on the issue in the comments!

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This is Sarah Tripp, a fashion blogger who is stirring up fresh controversy in the body positivity movement

It all started when her husband, Robbie Tripp, wrote this love letter to her and her ‘curvy body’ on Instagram

The post has since gone viral, attracting almost 20 thousand likes and reaching multiple news outlets

“It’s been incredible to see the reaction from my simple post celebrating my wife and her body,” Tripp later wrote on Instagram

Though his love for his wife is touching, his words proved to be more divisive than helpful for some

Many people felt excluded and polarized by his ideas of what a ‘real’ woman should look like

Others, however, were totally there for it, and gave him a standing ovation

What do you think? A sweet sentiment or a step in the wrong direction? Tell us below!