I started my adventure with photography taking photos of the moon through a telescope, but when I started to do more of general landscape and cityscape photography I wanted to somehow come back to showing our natural satellite in my images.

Typically in the photographs the moon is just a blown out spot, but moving away from your subject and using some telephoto lens can make it a fascinating compositional element. You also have to mind the phase of the moon, it’s the best to photograph the moon around the full moon during moonrise or when it’s very young, when it’s setting, otherwise you have to implement some hard exposure blending to compensate for the difference in the exposure between the moon and the foreground.

So after I gathered all that knowledge I started to photograph my hometown of Warsaw with some spectacular moonrises from far away. For the cityscape distances of 7 to 15 km worked best with 320-460 mm lens, but even with around 100 mm you can create some nice landscape shoots with the moon in the sky. I also think that the whole moonrise on moonset looks great and only way to truly show it is through video, so I started capturing timelapses along with still photos.

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Super blood moon eclipse over Warsaw