Imagine your child mastering math skills as he bounces on a trampoline surrounded by nature or learning physics while they play with their favourite cars outside. Being able to completely tailor a child’s education according to his or her needs in an environment that suits but still have them learn the whole National Curriculum.

The Kids Must Move team have found a way to make this is possible, developed in conjunction with several universities worldwide and experts in the field ‘The Movement Method’ is changing the way we educate our children. See it in action here at a home based activity club and training centre in the UK called The Little Explorers Activity Club.

More info:

We teach in a flexible, fun, pressure free way through their passions

we help develop their desire and joy for learning

Adventures in nature

Encouraging imaginative play

Letting curiosity lead the way following the child

Laughter and movement is the key

The trampoline isn’t just for exercise it can be a blackboard too

Teaching maths and physics out in nature

Discoveries brings joy, encouraging a love of learning

Using all of their senses

Taking the time to create magical worlds to inspire them

Embracing innovative technologies

Always opening new doors and opportunities

Bringing humour into testing

Traditional subjects taught in meaningful ways

Educational games adapted to a child’s interests

Always a faithful companion close by

And letting them explore their natural environment