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How To Become An Awesome Designer In 365 Days
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Illustration6 years ago

How To Become An Awesome Designer In 365 Days

Croatia-based UI/UX designer Marko Stupić, from mobile app development company Five, has written an article on “How to become an awesome designer in 365 days”.

He begins the article by talking about the importance of practice. He wrote, “By practicing in a diverse matter we are learning how to do new things, new moves. Our brain develops new synaptic pathways, and we start to see problems in a different light. In other words – we are developing our creativity.”.

Next, Stupić discusses the need to be challenged in order to grow and develop. Using his ‘Icon-A-Day’ project as an example, he said that he started it as a way to challenge himself and to explore his abilities. “I have to admit that in the beginning I wasn’t quite sure where this would lead me. But the main goal was to perfect myself in digital illustration. I wanted to explore several styles, make different illustrations. I explored my abilities (and I’m still exploring them).”

“Since the project started, it almost had a life of its own. Creating the icons became my second nature, much like brushing my teeth every morning. While the initial idea were simple icons, as time went by they grew into full-blown illustrations.”

Other important points that Stupić highlighted include exploring your possibilities, having commitment, and getting support from friends.

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