After my husband’s accident, I started doodling while staying with him at the clinic. I always doodled, little did I know that it would eventually become a sort of therapy for me. I spent hours and hours drawing each line and eventually adopted a technique: no paint canvas.

My drawings are mostly crayon, pen ones. Glitter glue, or so but no paint as such. I spent hours doing it but it was comforting. Drawing every single detail calmed me down, soothed my pain and eventually produced something I was proud of.

No, they are not perfect, far from it. Yet the self-satisfaction of completing one is an achievement in itself. I am a designer and my hands are mutating in the form of my Apple Mouse. Yet this drawing, doodling hobby liberated me from many things trying to rake my brain out.

My wish is to see more people doodling.


In my mind