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Horrific Neglect Of Pitbull Makes An Incredible Transformation
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Animals5 years ago

Horrific Neglect Of Pitbull Makes An Incredible Transformation

Rescued over 3 months ago. A skeleton. Thrown into a sewer by his captors hoping he would die. He didn’t. We saved him.


An emaciated, neglected and tortured Pitbull. He was caged. Starved. Used as a ‘bait dog’ to make other fighting dogs vicious.

HERO is a lover, not a fighter. Loved by his foster family. He loves people, big and small, but he needs intensive rehabilitation due to his fear based dog aggression.

MISSION PAWS’IBLE and their supporters funded his physical rehabilitation and are so proud of their canine comrade.

“HERO is such an amazing and resilient boy. I have never understood the Pitbull breed, I had feared it for years, until I met HERO”, says Mission Paws’ible founder Prue. “He is a total lush. Loves a play, a run and a cuddle. He just needs to learn other dogs can be his friend too.”

To help HERO heal mentally he requires intense rehabilitation and training with professionals, and cataract surgery to one eye which, hopefully, will help dissipate his fear based aggression.

If you love Bully breeds, believe every dog should be given a second chance and would like to see HERO have a happy future, please consider contributing to his cause.

Any help is so gratefully appreciated.

We need to raise a whopping $3,000 to continue his rehabilitation.

More info:

HERO the day he was rescued

HERO was found starved and thrown into a sewer. This photo was the start of his rescue.


HERO 3 weeks in foster care

Foster Care saves lives. HERO flourished when he was surrounded by pure love and good food.

HERO is ready for the rest of his life

After 4 weeks in foster care where HERO healed like a champion, he now needs intensive rehabilitation to prevent his fear based dog aggression. He needs your help.


HERO is a lover not a fighter and he needs your help to continue his journey into a happy, loving forever home.


As you can see in this photo, HERO’s left eye needs surgery to help him see clearly and reduce his dog aggression issues.


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