It doesn´t matter where we live as long as we have each other…(HOME IS WHEREWER I´M WITH YOU)

We represent our dream home. It´s full of fresh air, with beautiful view out of our imaginary windows and always with perfect location :)

It took one year to find the perfect places for our living room, bathroom, bedroom and dining room. And we haven´t finished yet :) we still have some rooms missing. We are getting ready to have our kitchen built righ now…

As you can see we use old furniture that we usually find on the street, or somebody want´s to throw away. (you don´t need to buy new things in order to live happily :) )

It´s always fun, because we never know who is going to take the picture. They are taken by random people passing by, so everybody keeps asking what is going on…

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can you imagine better view from your living room?

Look what a beautiful bathroom we have!

There´s no better flat location than the city center. :)

We decided to eat fresh ( dining room )