It was a Thursday morning, the team of MUSEE FOTO went to the nursing home to take pictures for the elderly people living there.

We spent the whole day talking with them, laughing with them and taking photos for them. These are the people who are kind, simple, adorable and versatile.

That was such a good day. We appreciate it so much to have this opportunity to take portraits for them and we feel even happier when they received the printed photos and told us that they really like it.



Chongsheng Song, 85-year-old

Chunsheng Zhang 80-year-old

Zhuoran Hong 93-year-old

Yan Ge 93-year-old

Hongfan Zhang 84-year-old

Ruilin Shen 91-year-old

Hanzhi Lin 89-year-old

Xiuping Gao 76-year-old

Mingxia Zhang 80-year-old

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