We all had some nightmares as kids, but they're not so scary now, right? Well, most of us had. It's been proven that some images might be terrifying for when you were young until it looks kinda dorky as an adult. Like maybe something you've never seen before as a kid, turning into an adult, you might see that stuff everywhere!


The Sloth from Goonies. I never like its face at that time. and its just a human with a deformed face?



The Problem Blob from the old telly show Numberjacks. Scared me out of my bloody wits and its just a green sphere.



the scene in the movie adaptation of the little shop of horrors where the plant eats seymour- it was off-screen but it still scared the hell out of me. i'm an avid horror-fan now so i guess it turned out in my favour lol



I am not sure if the post is asking for movie scenes or nightmares, but mine is a nightmare I had.

In the dream I was in the center of a burning town. Every house had a cradle out side the door. In every cradle, babies were screaming as the flames moved in. I couldn't move or help them. The fire circled in and got closer and closer until I was the only one left in the tiny circle of burning town that was left.

I realize that this might not seem that normal but it has become normal to me.


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