Have a few hard decisions to make in the near future and wanted to see if anyone had gone or is going through the same situation. Here to support anyone but also want some support from my favorite Pandas.


I don't think this will be helpful to you, but here's a copy my answer to an earlier posting of this question.

When I was a chubby 14 year old teenage boy, bullies ambushed me and forced into a high-waisted, long-leg panty girdle. They took photos of me in it and told me that if they ever caught me at school without it on, the pictures would go public.

The next morning I had to decide what would be worse - wearing tight-fitting women's shapewear every school day from then on, or facing the public humiliation if the pictures were seen.

I made my decision, tugged on that awful girdle and dressed for school. I ended up wearing a panty girdle every school day for four years.


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