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I have posted this in other places, but when I was bullied in middle school, I felt like everyone was against me. I even became against me. If you feel like the world is against you find something you can always rely on, like a pet, hobby, or whatever.



When I crept onto my father's ship to kill him, he caught me and tortured me to try to tell him where the Soul Stone was. He found a recording from my memory files of Gamora telling me she knew where it was, so he brought her back from Knowhere and used my suffering to make her tell him that the Soul Stone was on Vormir. I had never felt so much physical pain before. I was almost torn apart. This pain only fueled my hatred towards my "father" and I was devastated when I found out he had killed her to get the Stone.



When my friends all started ignoring me like 5 days ago. Not sure if it's because one friend who I got mad at is talking smack about me now, or if I'm just annoying, but I hope they talk to me soon



When I was told I was a wireless piece of because I have nothing to offer, that I'm not satisfying him so other women can



When I was arrested by the Nova Corps in Xandar and sent to prison, all of the prisoners were planning my demise because of my work with Ronan the Accuser. It seemed like no one in the entire galaxy liked me except my murderous father and my idiot boyfriend.


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Hello, sister! Here to troll me again? You shouldn't speak that way of your sister who managed to defeat you in combat every single time. And yes, Quill is an idiot, but my choices were either him, a tree, an oversized rat, or a bigger idiot...

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lmao ever day....
no but honestly the worst time was yr 7, i was bullied pre bad. But trust me it get's better :)



(I was 8 when this took place) When my Stepmom asked me to stop making her life miserable and my dad did nothing about it.



that one moment when covid has arrived



When I had a toxic friend and she bullied me constantly and I didn’t notice and thought we were the best of friends; but nope. Also word of advice don’t let people walk all over you and use you and if you don’t notice ask somebody if they can tell if your relationship is toxic or not.



Hahahahahahaha my entire childhood and even to this day some people refuse to believe anything happened.

If I can pass on a lesson to anyone that people would listen to it would be this: once someone calls you a Liar, not that lying but actually calls you Liar, they've just told you that anything you say can and will be filtered through what they want the truth to be, not what the truth is. At that moment, doesn't matter who they are, you need to take a step back emotionally. Don't try to argue with them. You'll be wasting your breath and making them believe they are right. Speak your truth and let your actions speak for you. I've been called a liar by family and they seem so shocked x amount of time later when they realize I was telling the truth. 'You should have told us' yeah I did, they decided to believe it so that's on them.

I had a cousin ask one time why I didn't try to prove I was telling the truth and I had to tell her that there is no proof I can give someone who thinks I'm a Liar that they will believe. I'm not going to waste my time trying to be proven right, it'll come along one day and when it does it's a priceless moment.


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i was gay before my friend moved and during that time my school turned against me i only had like 2 friends and my family that kept me from falling apart



Well in the past 3 years Ive been diagnosed with 4 diseases or conditions that are either rare in males or for someone my age. The most recent one can lead to permanent nerve damage and the treatment has only a 50% success rate.