On May 17th, Ohio’s Division of Wildlife will vote on whether or not to allow a bobcat trapping season in the state. Bobcat protectors are speaking out against the cruel act of trapping. Please read on to see photos of this beautiful wildcat, to learn more about the issue, and to find out what you can do to help the bobcats! Here is a link to an online petition you can quickly sign. Please copy and paste it into your URL bar: https://www.change.org/p/ohio-department-of-natural-resources-prevent-odnr-from-allowing-trapping-of-bobcats

More info: saveohiosbobcats.com

There are approximately 1,000 bobcats in the state of Ohio.

They were taken off of the endangered species list in 2014. But if trapping is allowed, they could very quickly become endangered again.

If a trapping season is allowed, up to 60 bobcats per season will be trapped and killed.

Bobcats are not considered a nuisance species. They do not spread disease or overpopulate. So there is really no real, logical reason for trapping and killing them.

Sadly, people want to trap them for recreation and so that they can sell their furs. This is a cruel and disturbing act.

These same people try (and fail) to justify the act by saying they’re just utilizing a natural resource.

This is a bobcat in pain with its foot caught in a trap.

You can help out by contacting the governor of Ohio, signing online petitions, joining social media groups, and spreading the word. PLEASE SEE LINKS AT THE TOP OF THIS POST.

This is clearly a beautiful animal that should be appreciated and given a chance to live. Be their voice!