Over 25 years ago now, my mom began homeschooling me in the early 90's. That was back in the day when most people didn't even know what homeschooling was or meant. Her intent was not merely to educate me and my brothers, but to teach us how to learn and how to love it.

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Fast forward a few years to 2008, when my oldest daughter was beginning kindergarten. I enjoyed homeschooling so much, that I decided to have a second go at it and homeschool my children.

My mom's instruction to love learning was still ingrained in me, though. I could not merely be a teacher to my children. As any good teacher must, I kept learning myself.

So, as I was teaching my daughter her ABC's, I continued studying my own interests as well. 2008 also became the year I began studying photography.

In my free time (at the park or during "quiet time"), I would read library books on photography and practice what I learned on my cute "subjects", my kids.

Now, as my oldest daughter is getting ready to enter high school, I am happily running my own small photography business and encouraging my children to learn and pursue their passions. To see my more of my work, follow me on Instagram!

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#1 The Hills Are Alive

The Hills Are Alive


JillVille Child Care 1 week ago

I want her hair! It's beautiful and free and wild and abandoned and just, oh, so perfect!

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#5 Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt


Hatsune Chiku 1 week ago

The thing on the floor kinda looks like a beckoning hand like, "come here!"

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#10 Cleaning Up

Cleaning Up


Missy Finley 1 week ago

LOL! That's what my youngest grandson looks like at the end of every day!!

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