So my friend Andrea came to me because her son who is 8 years old was being bullied in school & he’s having a hard time right now. She follows my work and knows I shoot alot of cosplay photography so she said getting a photo with Joker would mean the world to him because Joker is his favorite comic-book character to which I replied of course we could do that BUT what if we took it a step further and made HIM the Joker instead. So with my extremely talented makeup and hair stylists we did just that 😁 This kid is amazing & such a sweetheart. Seeing the pain in his eyes completely took me back to when I was his age and relentlessly bullied. That was the roughest time of my life & I’m devoted to impacting children who are bullied. If I can give them even just a fraction of their confidence back & empower these kids through my photography I’ve done my job. As I told him and every child I’ve worked with we can get past it and grow up to do great things. And look, now he easily has the coolest photos of anyone in his school 🔥🔥🔥🃏 So suck it bullies 😅

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