Mom cat gave birth to six little kittens, after adoption there were two brothers left. After some time one of them left to.

For other one at first no one was interested, but after some time we got to attached to give him up. So that’s how we got Timy among other cats.

He was very curious kitten, he even reacted to the sound of my camera

It took us some time to realise that he was afraid of everything. Every time he got scared or was in trouble you could clearly hear him crying for help

He enjoyed more being in house with us than being out playing with other cats. So one day out of boredom I made a photo session of him in the room. He started moving his ears to the sound of shutter, but he was not afraid

I had no trouble at all he was a natural, and i swear even my camera loved him. So thats when he becomed my model number one. I learned more about photography, and I definitely enjoyed it more through him

When he actually leaves house from time to time, he almost always got attacked by other biger cats. One time he got chased by some cat so he came home and climbed the tree near to our window, as the cat started coming closer he started moving to the thinnest branches and he was meowing like an alarm

Few weeks ago we lost Timy in accident, that was tough to handle, most for my boyfriend which cat he was at first. But i guess he was not meant for this cruel world, so when you drive please take extra care for the scared and shiftless cats like he was

And for those who don’t love cats you maybe didn’t meet the right one