If there’s one thing horror movies have taught me about haunted homes, it’s that the devil is in the detsails. The house that Craig and Lisa Spurr have purchased, however, isn’t so subtle about its past. “My wife and I flipped [this house] about 2 years ago,” Craig wrote. “There was so much strange stuff. I couldn’t even get in the headspace of what the previous owner was doing!” Scroll down to check out the surprise nightmare fuel that came with the property and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

“Very creepy painted message… was in enamel paint so took a LOT of sanding to remove. (You could still clearly see it when painting over)”

“Ummmm… whatever you call this. The previous owner had an obsession with whatever “Mora” was!”

“A hanging rope light fixture…?”

“A window sticker? On an adjacent wall that featured an actual window but had such heavy curtains you couldn’t easily use it…”

“Ummm… well this?”

“What a wonderful outdoor area… ?”

People were convinced there was something seriously wrong with this house