The adorable Harlow and Indiana doggie duo has a new puppy protege joining their team – Reese. At first, their reaction to the newcomer was unsure, but as they got closer and cuddlier, their owner was there to capture photos and post everything on their Instagram for all to see!

For more of these adorable shots, check out the owner’s Instagram! (Note: the “Sage” in the Instagram’s name was Harlow’s first doggie friend, who is now deceased).

More info: | Instagram

Meet Harlow and Indiana, the famous doggie duo

They just got a new sister – Reese

They didn’t know how to react at first…

But when they saw those puppy eyes…

They just HAD to let her in the club!

Soon, they were napping together like old pals

Is she… sleep-waving?

She also goes by Reese Lightning. Get it?