We all know that dogs can smile, but what about cats?

#1 Smiling Cat

Smiling Cat

TheFunkyMonk Report

LauraJohnston 3 years ago

That smile,Gah!

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#2 Cute Happy Kitty

Cute Happy Kitty

nippelinipa Report

Jude 3 years ago

Super adorable and cute as a button!

#3 Happy Cat In Snow

Happy Cat In Snow

Alina Shevelina Report

Shablul 3 years ago

If you know cats and look at the ears you can see the cat is definitely not enjoying himself

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#4 Happy Cat

Happy Cat


IntanWiduri 3 years ago

Note the nose

#5 Smiling Cat

Smiling Cat

Love Meow Report

GraceBarclay 3 years ago

Happy Cat is HAPPY...

#6 Smiling Cat

Smiling Cat

ZoomZoomBlondie Report

LorienP 3 years ago

I'm not going to bite you.. lol

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#7 Happy Sleepy Kitty

Happy Sleepy Kitty

Alessandra Solombrino Report

#8 Happy Kitten

Happy Kitten

Vitor Corrêa Fogassa Report

EmaySow 3 years ago

nice blue eyes

#9 Happy As A Dog

Happy As A Dog

Hei Ay Report

AusraZ 3 years ago

dat nose

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#10 Happy Awakening

Happy Awakening


NiamhMcKinney 3 years ago

I woke up like this