Hello! My name is Alex, I always love to do something with their hands and I will tell you how I learned this craft.

In 2003, when I was 10 years old, my parents sent me to art school in the direction of artistic processing of birch bark. Then I was very small and wanted to walk with friends, going to class I saw them, they called me to play, I was sad. Studying in art school the first classes for me were given with difficulty, nothing worked, many mistakes, carelessness.

Lesson after lesson it became more and more interesting for me to work with birch bark, these feelings when you hold a sheet of birch bark from which you will get a product of your own production, unforgettable.

In 2004 was the first art exhibition where there were my works a year later as I began to study, then I was given a diploma for participation, I was very happy.

For me, it became a point and a desire to engage in this craft.

So I studied at art school for 6 years, all the time I won at different exhibitions, went to other cities, even got a degree! I was very proud because my peers did not receive it, it was 2009

At that time, I was 16 years old, I graduated from an educational school and had to go to University.

In 2009 I entered the University and I had to give up my hobby because it took a lot of time to study.

So it took 5 years, I got a job and completely forgot about that when it worked with birch bark.

In 2014 I graduated from the University, got a job, but there was no desire to work in the profession! I went to the first possible job as a storekeeper, where I worked for 2 years

In 2017, I began to think, I asked myself the question of what I want to achieve in life? What I can do? What do I do best? And the answer was not long in coming! I said to myself: the best way I know how to work with your hands!

And so after 8 years, I began to do my favorite thing from a hobby it became my main job and that’s what happens at the moment! :) If you are interested I can post my very first work from 2003 to 2009:)))))

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What I’m doing now