We are a artist couple based in Ahmedabad, India. I am Nayan Shrimali and my partner Vaishali Chudasama, together we create hand cut and hand painted Paper cut Sculptures . We have our studio NVillustration, which we started a year back, on 25th Dec 2015. Here at our studio we make Hand painted Paper cut and Laser cut products and artworks, we always wanted to give our art a new dimension and make our art more expressive by using different techniques.

This is our first series of Paper cut sculptures inspired from the movie Suicide squad. The reason behind choosing the squad is that all the characters are so unique and detailed. Now they have won an Oscar for their make-up also. So these series is dedicated to their looks and antics.

Each paper cut sculpture is developed by illustrating the character in different layers, after which each element is hand cut precisely on a paper. Then those pieces are painted to get the detail of each element. After painting all the pieces, they are hand assembled in different layers to create a complete artwork.

These artworks are made as a fan art, we love DC and we enjoyed working on this project.

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The Joker a.k.a Jared Leto

Enchantress a.k.a Cara Delevingne

Harley Quinn a.k.a Margot Robbie

Amanda Waller a.k.a Viola Davis

Captain Boomerang a.k.a Jai Courtney

Katana a.k.a Karen Fukuhara

Killer Croc a.k.a Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Rick Flag a.k.a Joel Kinnaman

Deadshot a.k.a Will Smith

Diablo a.k.a Jay Hernandez

Details of Diablo’s

The close up of Enchantress

Texture of the Croc…

Look in his eyes…The Joker


Head shot of Deadshot

Harley in pieces… ready for assembly

Making of Enchantress…

Working on Diablo..

Making of the master… Purple Lamborghini ..