I always loved imagining hidden stories behind the things. I also love exploring abandoned buildings. Then I decided to start taking photos and write the stories I saw behind them. However as I am lacking confidence at what I am doing, I always take photos of my friends and family only and it actually took me over a year to share them with anyone.

This is one of the latest photoseries and I am really happy I could do that with my grandparents.

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She spent past few months walking through the destroyed cities and she was exhausted. She refused to believe her husband was gone. She believed one day she will find him again if she keeps searching

So was he looking for her. Walking every day, calling her name, asking people he met if they saw her, but there was almost no one to ask anymore. Then, suddenly one day he saw her

She was so tired she wasn’t able to stand up, even though she wanted to

He gave her his last few sips of water and she started feeling better

After such a long time they couldn’t believe they were finally together again

They never gave up