Christmas is that time which we are waiting for each year. Christmas is the time when we believe in magic. These are the holidays when all dreams come true and miracles happen.

However, let’s remember that animals living in shelters during holidays are feeling lonely without attention and care. What are the dreams and what are the wonders expected by homeless animals?

They are dreaming about warm home, caring owners to whom they will be able to give their never-ending love, because who if not them can appreciate that! Our furry friends are waiting for a new owner to whom they will be very grateful for letting them in into their lives. Animals will show their gratitude with the desire to play and protect and with bottomless love and everyday support.

We invite everyone to help fulfill cats dream – to go home.

“By choosing slogan ““I also want to have Christmas at home” our animal adoption portal together with volunteer organization “Cat Care Community” decided to organize already third charity photo exhibition this year in order to help animals from shelters find their way home. We want to thank “Domina Shopping” entertainment and shopping center, who with big pleasure offered us their premises and helped with organization of exhibition”, – says representative Irina Zaiceva.

The goal of the exhibition is to help cats and dogs to find new home and to encourage people in Latvia to adopt animals from the shelters.

Choose responsibly, adopt the animal only if you can pay attention and care for it!

Thanks a lot for the photos to Anna Ritman.

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