What do you do when you have an irreconcilable difference with a member of your significant other’s family? It’s a tough one. Because like or not, there will be occasions when you are forced to try to be civil to one another. It’s either that or a potential lifetime of frosty silences and less-than-pleasant family get-togethers.

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Reddit user u/shygirlturnedsassy has different ideas, however.

Instead of pretending that everything is OK and her boyfriend’s uncle’s misogynist behavior can be tolerated, she chose to instead go on the attack and show him that she doesn’t approve and that she doesn’t care what he thinks about it either.

Together with her supportive and understanding boyfriend, they hatched a plan. A plan that would make their feelings about his attitudes crystal clear, whilst making him apoplectic with impotent rage in the process.

Sometimes it’s necessary to put principles ahead of family and stand your ground. Shygirlturnedsassy told Bored Panda that the incident, which happened a year ago, has caused a rupture in the family. “Since then, he and his family have acted in some bizarrely entitled ways,” she told us. “This has caused my boyfriend and his sister to sever ties with them.”

“I believe that the uncle’s attitude is a product of his upbringing,” she continues. “His brother, ie. my boyfriend’s father, was able to change his worldview when he met his wife, who is from a very progressive family. So now, he’s the exact opposite of his brother. And yes, my boyfriend and I do have the support of his parents, his sister and his mother’s side of the family.”

“I’m from India and yes people here can be sexist. But I don’t believe that sexism is endemic to my culture. It’s something women deal with almost everywhere. Just look at the way so-called developed nations are taking away reproductive rights.”

She has a good point.

The post received applause all round, with over 50K upvotes on Reddit and a ton of positive and supportive comments. What do you think? Have you ever had to confront an awkward and unpleasant family member? How did you go about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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