Shopping online allows you to get all the stuff you need without leaving your couch. It’s fast, super convenient, and reliable. Well, almost always reliable. We all know that sometimes weird things can happen while we shop online because you can never be sure what you’ll get in the mail. A few months ago, we gathered an amusing list of people’s online shopping fails. But probably nothing will top the recent incident one mom had while picking out her daughter a simple, cute t-shirt.

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Recently Kelsey Dawn Williamson, a mother of 3-year-old Salem, went viral for sharing a t-shirt she received from Chinese retailer

Kelsey Dawn Williamson, 23, from Benton, Illinois recently shared a photo of a shirt she bought for her daughter, Salem. The young mother picked a cute top with an iconic image of classic children’s book characters, Frog and Toad, but once she opened the package, the woman completely flipped out.

As it turns out, the clothing intended for children to wear had a very crude slogan. Kelsey was completely shocked by it since the photo on the Chinese online shopping retailer website had no text on the t-shirt design at all. “I was shocked. I just stared at the t-shirt slogan for a few minutes because it took some time for me to process it. Once it totally set in, I texted my husband to call me ASAP. He FaceTimed me, I held the shirt up. All he could say was “oh crap” and we just busted out laughing!” she told Bored Panda.

Once the mom shared it on Facebook, the photo of her daughter wearing the funny t-shirt went viral. “It was really funny at first and my husband and I kept joking “our daughter is kind of famous right now” but I’m ready for it to start dying down. I miss spending my time on Facebook sharing memes instead of replying to messages (as much as I love everyone who has messaged me such sweet things! I feel the need to reply to every one of them with a personal message and it’s taking a while!)” Kelsey said. The hilarious design fail left most people in stitches, with only a few who didn’t find this funny fail amusing at all. “I would say 85% of people think it’s hilarious and the other 15% were pretty offended by the funny slogan.”

However, the fun was ruined by a handful of rude messages Kelsey received. Some people began bullying and harassing the 3-year-old Salem for her weight.

“Most of the mean messages I’ve received have been about my daughter’s weight. A lot of them were questioning my parenting (about her weight and not the shirt!), telling me that she was fat and obese, joking that the shirt was too small for her anyway. It really broke my heart. I almost deleted the post later in the day after I posted it because I just couldn’t stop crying. She’s such a sweet, awesome little bubbly thing and I can’t understand how anyone could ever say these things. She really does see multiple doctors for her weight, she eats really well and is constantly on the go. Most days I can’t even keep up with her!” the heartbroken mother revealed.

Appaled at how cruel people could be online, Kelsey said that no one could be so mean to her adorable daughter if they would meet her in person. “I guarantee my daughter would wave, yell “hello!” and tell them to have a good day. No one should be able to be mean to such a kind child,” she said.

Sadly, a few people decided to ruin the hilarious mishap by bullying her daughter, which prompted others to defend the little girl and her mom

However, the majority reacted by laughing at the t-shirt fail