What do you do if you have dogs that love to play dress up, and it’s Halloween? You make them a new costume!

My dogs, Rina a 12,5-year-old golden/lab mix and Ricochet, a 7-year-old golden have been wearing Howloween costumes for years!

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Pickle Me Elmo

Facebook Thumb

Twitter Bird

Shoe Fly Eating The Pie

Big Bird Dog

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindog

Surfin’ Birds

Tails Of Mother Goose


Donald Dog

Swine Flu-zie

Can Can Girls

Silly Rabbit

Miss Surfin’ Piggy

Easter Bonnet Cone Of Shame

The Old Woofer Who Lived In A Shoe

Energizer Doggie

Puppy Love

Mardi Paws


Pupto Bismol

Santa Paws Is Surfin’ To Town

She Said It Was Cheese Whiz