Last summer there seemed to be a disturbing 'trend' of middle-aged white women going viral for calling the cops on black people simply going about their daily business. First, there was BBQ Becky, who called the police on a black family in California for daring to have a charcoal barbecue by a lake. Then there was Permit Patty, who reported an 8-year-old black girl for selling bottled water. And let's not forget Cornerstore Caroline, who falsely accused a black boy of groping her while shopping at a deli.

These incidents all went viral and left a sour taste in the mouth. But the best way to fight back against prejudice is with humor and maybe a little mocking, and if there's one thing the internet is good at, it's that. So when somebody asked people to caption a picture of a puppy with a rakish haircut and clothing of a certain style, only one thing came to most people's minds.

The thread took on a life of its own and is filled with puns and wordplay of the highest caliber. Scroll down below to check it out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

This photo of a 'concerned' dog kicked off a hilarious thread, as people added their captions to it

Image credits: JayceBaron




Raul Acosta 6 months ago

OMG.......... best one so far!!!

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Fuck donald trump

"Yes officer,3 pitbulls in the park.. playing and running around, please come quickly"

8:20 AM - 30 Mar 2019

ExhibitC137 Report

diane a 6 months ago

"They are happy, smiley and friendly - there is definitely something not right here - please hurry"

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Phoni Stark

“Do you live in the area? This park is for pups and doggies who are in this neighborhood. Let me see your collar. Your address should be on it. It’s just we’ve had some bone theft lately so we have to be more vigilant.”

8:42 AM - 30 Mar 2019

Steph_I_Will Report

boi 6 months ago

*checks collar* "oh no, you're from 30 feet away... sorry, but that's too far. i'm going to have to make you leave.

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Beautiful From The Withinside

I cant be racist, my husband is a black lab!

2:11 AM - 30 Mar 2019

JustCallMeKiku Report

Not Alec 6 months ago


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“I spend hundreds in here every week, and I pay your salary. I want to speak to your manager”

11:44 AM - 30 Mar 2019

PershardOwens Report

反社会的 6 months ago

I hate these kinds of people. Like, you could at least be polite.

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“Excuse me Coach why isn’t my son playing?”

10:29 AM - 31 Mar 2019

RobGotBars Report

Not Alec 6 months ago

“Because, Doggo, your son just sits on the field, stuffing grass in his mouth.”

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‘I asked for a nonfat, vegan, gluten green puppy chai latte! Where’s your manager?!

8:00 AM - 31 Mar 2019

suburbnista Report

foxygamer233 6 months ago

add lactose free in there as well ;)

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a girl is no one

“Do you have a permit to sell those pup scout cookies here?”

9:04 AM - 30 Mar 2019

TheDailyScowl Report

SnowyLynx 6 months ago

That’s too funny

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I'm not sure

"As a Mary Kay Cosmetics Independent Beauty Consultant, I work hard and I play hard! When I am not being a boss babe, I am a charter member and Treasurer of the Grosse Pointe Parrotheads!"

5:27 PM - 30 Mar 2019

newsturbater Report

Kaisu 6 months ago

Ugh MLM people are the worst

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Andres Tejeda 6 months ago

Sees a Chihuahua, " I need to see your papers please. Also no, no qui-ero taco bell."

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"Hello...TLC? I have a large litter of puppies, and think i have an idea you'd be interested in hearing."

9:13 AM - 30 Mar 2019

monkey_teach Report

LOttawa 6 months ago

That would be the only version of Kate+8 I would be willing to watch, LOL

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3:02 AM - 30 Mar 2019

chrxstxanah Report

Not Alec 6 months ago

Dog turned human!

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Myra Breaks

We broke up and I DON’T want to talk about it. *continues to talk about it

12:28 PM - 30 Mar 2019

manosrosas Report

First of her name

I only drink boxed water.

3:20 PM - 30 Mar 2019

babygotbooks87 Report

Andres Tejeda 6 months ago

And god forbid you give me pedigree brand dog food. I will only have choice steaks thank you.

Octavia Butler knew...


7:15 AM - 30 Mar 2019

Nikyatu Report

Ellie 6 months ago

Come on Sharon!

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Jade Beth J

"But I didn't know the coupon was expired. So I'm sure I can still use it, right?"

1:53 AM - 30 Mar 2019

JadeBethJ Report

Foxyloxylou 6 months ago


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Its Joc!

Do you know who my husband is....

11:31 PM - 29 Mar 2019

whytacosmatter Report

Bonnie Blue Bird 6 months ago

Nah, this is dated, more like ... Do you know who I AM?!?!?!?!?

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Not Alec 6 months ago





earringnut 6 months ago


Tamarra The Aries

This has decided not return for the next season of her reality show. Instead she’s focusing on her single.

1:38 PM - 30 Mar 2019

T_monster Report

Christina Sersif 6 months ago (edited)

More like now that Karen has 10 kids she will now start her own reality show so she can show the world she's a great mom

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Christopher Lena

Owns a organic vegan puppy food shop in Brooklyn. Has a Bernie bumper sticker on her travel crate.

11:51 AM - 30 Mar 2019

SdotLENA Report

Wanda Queen 6 months ago

This one doesn't quite fit.

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Millennial dog groomers have finally arrived.

8:49 AM - 31 Mar 2019

rjw411 Report

Andres Tejeda 6 months ago

Nope, most people with that hair cut are at least Gen X or older.

Nyasha Junior

“I was told by AppleCare...”

8:45 AM - 30 Mar 2019

NyashaJunior Report

SirPatTheCat 6 months ago

"I was told by PETA not to vaccinate my children and I hate Steve Irwin."




Luisa Vasconcelos 6 months ago

Who is Karen?

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Neil Scully

1:29 AM - 31 Mar 2019

neilscully Report

Kim Lorton 6 months ago

Just be ause I love a great hair cut doesn’t make me rich! Well, I am, but I don’t go around yelling it out... well, I try not to at least, well, I don’t know! I didn’t pay attention in puppy training!

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