Once a year, if it gets cold enough my husband and I go to the shore of Lake Michigan. We look for and photograph natural ice sculptures. This year we went to Openlands Lakeshore Preserve, and the Lake Forest Harbor located about 35 miles north of Chicago. We found some ice sculptures, but we also were able to photograph the waves. The waves were between 2-4 feet tall but impressive enough, crashing along the icy shoreline. My husband laid down on the ice and got some cool shots of the waves breaking up close. So close that the water splashed on him and froze on his clothes (and camera) instantly. For the wave shots, we set our camera’s shutter speed to its max limit of 1/8000th of a second. I am also including some of the icy landscape pictures.

A look out



The running man

The wave that got too close

The ice creature

Ice teeth

Crown of ice

Layers and Layers of ice

The end of the rainbow

Frozen Fortress

The ice kings castle

Good Night