We are two street/contemporary artists, Skr3am and Jinks from Redlight Studio, Melbourne, Australia. This is our first production from the beginning of 2015, dedicated to Twiggy Lawson, a game-changer to the fashion industry. Why Twiggy?..

Twiggy Lawson was a shorter than average, stick thin cockney girl with an androgynous look, who against all odds, broke through the mould that had been set by the fashion industry. Once reserved for only tall women with the ‘perfect’ body shape, Twiggy pushed through the confined boundaries of the modelling world and opened the door of opportunity to girls with different body shapes, changing the idea of how a model can look. Twiggy was not afraid to stand out or be different. She invented her trademark look herself by applying prominent eye makeup, emulating the painted on eyelashes from a toy doll she had laying on her bed as a child. This added to her unique and previously unseen style which for the times was an extremely venturous move. After a chance sighting by a journalist, a head shot of Twiggy hanging in a hair salon eventually led to the appearance in the Daily Express, titled, ‘The Face of 66’. The short boyish looking girl became a worldwide sensation and a fashion icon.

Using over 200 picture frames, either collected or custom made, we meticulously placed each frame over the mural, in turn creating our elegant yet edgy effect. Below you can see our short ‘making of’ video about the mural. Hope you like it.

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