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Four Chairs Mimic The Artistic Styles Of Four Artists
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Interior Design7 years ago

Four Chairs Mimic The Artistic Styles Of Four Artists

An interpretation of the visual language of four famous artists captured in their own individual chairs.

Danish designer Benjamin Nordsmark built four sculptural chairs that generate interesting ideas and challenge his craftsmanship. By using different materials and working methods for each one, he built up four chairs with strong identities that make it easy to recognize the artist that each one of them was inspired by.


Fuco Ueda chair

Fuco Ueda chair – Captures the universe of the young and talented Japanese painter known for her paintings of Japanese schoolgirls in her own surrealistic world. An original dining chair got two new legs attached to the front which have being sanded to look like female legs. The front was sanded and painted blue like the folds on a blue dress.

Gaudi Chair

Gaudi chair – Mainly inspired by the columns in the la Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona. The chair was built with steel with organic shapes in the legs that createa very strong construction with a limited use of materials. The thin body of the chair gives a great comfort to the seated person and the shape of the body creates some incredible shadows.

M.C.Escher chair

M.C. Escher chair – This chair has the effect of an illusion that makes it seem as though you can see through the seat and back. This illusion was created by drawing 3D patterns at the right angle with three different colors. The main body of the chair is in heavy oak wood, while the frame underneath was built with thin steel to make it appear really simple.

Picasso chair

Picasso chair – This chair was built up with pieces of old steel sheets and pipes by cutting, shaping and welding them all together into a sculptural chair. It was inspired by the cubism paintings of Pablo Picasso and his drawings in light.

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