I’m a Dutch artist and have been creating little critters embarking upon adventures since 2012. Paper boats and small cute rodents are just two of my favourite things in the world (and let’s not leave out cats and bunnies).

My art has been featured on Bored Panda before (yes I’m the artist allegedly specialised in making cute rats look even cuter). While my work has been shared online mostly, this week I will start my first local expo, which I am VERY excited about! I could not have teamed up with a better location for my expo of Paper Boats and critters then kids conceptstore 100%Zoefff. Their current clothing line melts in seamlessly with my art!

More info: Etsy


Floating Paper Boats

Sailing cat (okay, not technically a rodent, but still…)

Cattus Rodentus detail

Release – Bunny close up

Catching Butterflies

Overview of the expo



Little detail of the expo