The cosmic explorations of the imaginary Wander Space Probe. I’m creating these fictional space scenes by placing food on top of a photo scanner and then making a scan with the lid open. The planets and moons are made by scanning the bottoms of glasses containing liquids, whereas the nebulas I use a large tray filled with various liquids.

The liquids naturally create the atmospheric swirls that you see in the images when they mix together. The stars and other points of light are made by sprinkling spices and the other ingredients around the scanner glass. The ingredients are listed below each image.

My process in creating each image is quite a lot of trial and error- sometimes it’d take me 2-3 hours before I get a scan that I’m happy with. While they are purely fictional, I like to think that perhaps my creations actually could exist somewhere in the vast unknown of the cosmos.

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Planetary Pancakes

Planet/moon – pancakes! Background – olive oil, flour, cinnamon, cumin, seasoned salt.


Olive oil, chalk, baking powder, salt, water.

Earth-like Planet

Planet – glass of bourbon, coconut milk, water, soy sauce, food coloring. Stars – salt, flour, cinnamon, curry powder.

Ghostly Anomaly

Butter, food coloring, salt.

Planet, Moon, and Nebula

Planet – glass of orange juice, wasabi, tomato sauce, half & half. Moon – pancake. Nebula – water, coffee, food coloring, half & half.

Ghostly Nebula

Nebula – tea, water, half & half, food coloring. Stars – flour, peppercorns.

Black Hole

Black hole – glass of coffee. Stars – salt, sugar, corn starch, cinnamon.

Fiery Planet w/ Moons

Planet/moons – glasses of half & half, coconut milk, water, food coloring. Background stars – salt, cinnamon, baking powder, tums.

Ring Of Fire

Turmeric, powdered cheese, cinnamon, baking soda.

Distant Nebula

Nebula – sake, water, half & half, food coloring. Stars – flour, salt.

Cat Nebula

Cat fur, garlic powder, salt, flour, cumin, turmeric.

Mars-like Planet

Planet – glass of tomato sauce, water, food coloring, soy sauce, coconut milk. Stars – flour, baking soda.

Icy Planet w/Moons

Icy planet – glass of half & half, water, food coloring. Background – sugar, cinnamon, cumin, silica gel.

Spiral Galaxy

Baking soda, curry powder, chalk, salt, sugar, cinnamon.

Distant Galaxy

Olive oil, sesame oil, water, cumin, cinnamon, flour.

Phantom Nebula

Nebula – soy sauce, water coffee, half & half, food coloring. Stars – flour, salt.

Two Cat Nebula

Sriracha, chili powder, cinnamon, baking powder, salt, fur of two cats.

Deep Space

Glasses of half & half, coconut milk, water, food coloring.


Fflour, sugar, salt, olive oil, cumin, turmeric, cinnamon, curry, garlic powder, water.

Here’s a look behind the scenes