Dear “animal-lovers”, I want to tell you my story. My English is not that good, but I’ll try to explain it to you.

Not quite a year ago I had a knee surgery. After knee surgery, I got by a medical error a pulmonary embolism. The doctors told my parents I would not survive the first night. I had to fight for my life for weeks. I had to stay a few months in the hospital. Because of the pulmonary embolism I had too much pressure on my heart and got cardiac arrhythmia. I got repeatedly unconscious because of the cardiac arrhythmia and couldn’t go to work.

A few weeks ago I had a heart catheter surgery. Slowly I get (a little more) well.

I have pets. Two cats (Maine Coons) and a siberian squirrel named Fluffy. I got Fluffy from a sanctuary (hope it’s the right word for a place where they help parentless animals). He would not survive alone in the wilderness. He has never learned to build up stocks for winter.

Because of my disease – and because I couldn’t go to work – I have not much money. But I’d love to fulfill my pets some small wishes. I do everything for them!

Maybe you could share my story and the page of Fluffy (, or a video from that page on your Facebook-site. Fluffy has an Amazon-wishlist in the fixed post. You would help us a lot!

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