What’s that in your smoothie? An errant wig hair? Here at Cloak and Blender, that’s business as usual. Born from a desire to combine health and humor, I decided to use my love of puns to blend ingredients, characters, and cultural figures together in a fun and flavorful way.

A full D.I.Y process from start to finish- all costumes, puns, and recipes are created by me in tandem from the comfort of my own cramped apartment. For inspiration I use both local and exotic ingredients to spice up the everyday green smoothie.

It’s an experimental process, with the intention of trying new flavor combinations and learning about the super powers in ingredients paired with the character I am emulating. Costumes are made from repurposed household materials like cardboard boxes, kitchen gloves, aluminum foil and tablecloths (my apartment is 94% wigs.) What’s a better work out than running around in a wig cap, safety pinned into a shower curtain while dicing a cucumber and trying to balance your iPhone on a stack of magazines?

All self-portraits featured are photoshop free (all about showing the cracks in the process.) C&B is all about empowering people to feel like their best selves, in whatever shape or form that takes. It’s about making nutrition fun and inventive- reaping benefits from healthy ingredients, hearty laughter, and channeling your inner superhero and diva in the process. If you haven’t walked around with two giant, chilled half cantaloupes on your chest while belting out “Jolene” well- you haven’t lived to your fullest potential.

More info: cloakandblender.com | Instagram

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