I don’t know about you, but 2016 has kicked my ass. I lost 2 much loved family members early in the year. Then a couple major clients dropped off the map, my 14 year old bichon frise, Millie had to be put down and don’t get me started on the election, rape culture, the racial divide, misogyny, xenophobia…. anyhoo, I needed a creative outlet for my anger. That’s how these critters came to life. I start with an egg gourd and sculpt polymer clay around it til its personality and anger level become apparent.

Bake the lil sucker in the oven and then paint it in the prettiest colors I have. I figure everyone as pissed off as I am (I’m not alone in this, am I?) could use a lil anger buddy to fully express what they’re feeling. From, “No. Just stop.” to “F*ck you and the horse you rode in on!” I think I have covered every level of rage. Some flip the bird. Some are in full moon mode. All (and more) are available on my etsy site.

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