In Spain we have “la siesta” – a little break (20-30 minutes) that we dedicate to sleep after lunch. Sometimes it can be prolonged up to 2 hours. Of course we can’t always afford this rest, because we have work, chores or simply we are out of home. But one day that moment arrives and we can get an instant to rest, we reach the highest relax state, even if it’s only a few minutes.

For this reason I decided to capture that magical moment with this project. The best thing about “la siesta” is being in a company, hugging that special person, your pets, or being surrounded by any object that truly identifies your personality (a vinyl, a camera, etc.). That context and that hug create a magnetic force, which make you smile till you fall asleep, like characters do in “la siesta”.

Normally I paint with watercolor and color pencils, but this project had to have volume, it had to be alive. I chose to use colored cardboard to combine different color range for each family portrait, drawing details and framing them to ennoble the scene.

There are all kinds of families, but I think this project shows us that everybody, at least for an instant, can disconnect from concerns and relax in a cozy place.

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