As an Icelander growing up in Denmark, Greenland has always somehow been on the radar. Since I was a kid, I’ve always been fascinated by the icebergs, inuits, huskies and life on the ice. And the fact that Santa Claus lives on Greenland… (or so the Danes believe ) made me even more excited about it obviously.

However, traveling there somehow always felt like a distant dream. Leaving Denmark behind a few years ago, moving to Iceland, definitely was a big step, bringing me closer to even consider going there – both mentally and physically. But I waited for the right moment, the right reason to go. Exploring Eastern Greenland, on the 100 year old Danish Sailboat seemed like the perfect opportunity. Being an old lighthouse boat, with a mainly Icelandic crew, I couldn’t have imagined a more suitable travel companion. It seemed to call out my name. Whilst sailing through the deep parts of Scoresby Sund (one of the worlds largest fjord systems), I would encounter many places with names familiar to me, including places that I had visited before in Denmark. However, this seemed almost comic, when compared to their namesakes on Greenland. The vastness and grandness of the Greenlandic elements is just unimaginable. Take for example the Iceberg photographed by drone – seemingly huge – until you see it from a different angle, revealing it’s true massiveness.

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