Who doesn’t want to be a demigod and be part of a real-life adventure? For the past four years, we have been creating a Camp Half-Blood event where kids and teens get assigned to cabins – just like in the Percy Jackson books. Then, they play a character, sword fight, play with a 12 foot beach ball and battle each other at capture the flag. The next event is May 2018.

Everyone gets safe-battle training and special abilities (according to their cabin), and help solve a problem facing the camp. This popular living literature program is one of several annual events offered by Mastermind Adventures in Swansea, Massachusetts where we serve homeschoolers, libraries and community centers and schools out of our board game lounge and NERF arena.

Our mission is whole-child learning by offering unique events that capture the imagination and get kids really involved: mind, body and soul. We believe that it’s the best way to teach important skills like teamwork, self-confidence and cooperation and even academics and STEM. Camp Half-Blood is offered every Spring and Eaglesclaw (a Harry Potter-inspired event) is offered every Fall along with other LARP and tabletop RPGs, meetups and enrichment throughout the year.

More info: mastermindadventures.com

Camp Half-Blood Living Literature Program

Brief snapshot of our Camp Half Blood Event from 2017

Battle training

Younger kids cabins

Younger kids cabins

Atlas Ball

Senior Cabin Members

Group pic 2018


Senior Cabin Members