No one is safe from weird mix-ups that happen now and then. Were you in a hurry and took someone else’s luggage? Got your neighbor’s mail? Accidentally took someone’s food order? But what if someone does that on purpose and even admits to doing so just because they wanted to try it out first? At least that’s what happened to a Reddit user @u/Jus10sBae who shared their encounter with an entitled mom who thought that it would be a smart idea to take someone else’s order and have a taste before ordering something for herself and her kids. The story that might make its readers’ nerves boil received more than 4k upvotes, revealing the outcome of this weird yet funny situation. 

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Mixing up someone else’s order with yours is a thing that might happen to anyone

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The author of the post started the story by sharing that in their workplace, they often order coffee from Starbucks and takes turns on who will go and pick everything up from the place and bring it to the office. That particular day it was OP’s turn. So when they came up to the coffee shop to take the order that was made online, they saw that the place was full of people. Even the barista that OP already knew explained that they had to wait due to this unexpected rush of people. Having some time, the author of the post went to the bathroom.

Reddit user decided to share a situation that happened to them in a coffee shop that included an entitled mom and her two little daughters

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The author of the post went to a coffee shop to grab their order but were informed that they’d have to wait a but longer

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After they came back, they saw their order, but someone else was already grabbing it. Seeing this, OP went to the woman who took the drinks. She wasn’t alone, she was sitting together with her 2 little daughters, one being around 4 years old, and the other around 8 or 9 years old. So they approached the woman and explained the possible mix-up. However, the woman didn’t want to let go of the order that easily as she thought that her kids at least should’ve been allowed to try the drinks first, as they didn’t know what they wanted. This is how OP found out that the woman haven’t even placed an order and just took their order.

Once their order was ready, they noticed that a woman grabbed it and so they went to take it back

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After an unsuccessful attempt by the customer and even the barista to convince the woman to give the drinks back, the author of the post just let one of the girls try out the “chocolate” drink that was actually “8 shots of espresso over ice with some almond milk and a drizzle of chocolate syrup”. Of course, after this, the little girl didn’t even think of trying another sip and ended up spilling the coffee all over her mom who then rushed out of the coffee shop. This story made a lot of people online question such entitled people and even make some jokes about how the mom should’ve struggled to handle a kid that just had some caffeine. 

The mom of two didn’t want to give the drinks back until her daughters had tried them first

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Very often such stories might be hard to believe because once we realize that they are true, it becomes upsetting to know that there are people who are so entitled that they dismiss anyone else’s needs. Bored Panda contacted Reddit user @u/Jus10sBae to find out more insights on the matter. The Redditor revealed that they weren’t surprised to see so many people being interested in the story as they “followed that subreddit for a while and knew this one would probably get a good amount of attention considering how outrageous it was.”

After a long discussion it was revealed that the woman hadn’t even placed an order yet

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The little girls also were restless and wanted to try out drinks that weren’t theirs

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After a while, the author of the post decided that it would be a good idea to let one of the woman’s daughters to try out the drink

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The user also shared that they were glad that others online believed their story as sometimes such situations are called fake and made up. The author of the post themselves read similar encounters and didn’t believe that there were people who would behave so horribly until they met the lady in the coffee shop. But does this entitlement have anything to do with being a parent? “I wouldn’t say people become more entitled once having kids. But I’d say they often become bolder as they can use the guise of a concerned parent to mask their entitled attitude,” shared OP.

Everything ended up with the little girl gulping a coffee that was made of 8 espresso shots and spilling the same drink on her mom

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No matter how absurd or funny situations like this appear, the sad part is that young kids who are exposed to such behavior might grow up thinking that this is how they can treat other people. But is that always the case? The Reddit user expressed their opinion that parents’ behavior certainly has an impact on the way their kids are going to behave once they’re older, sharing that when they worked in customer service, they saw how kids mimic their parents’ behavior. “It’s both sad and disgusting to see,” concluded the user.

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People online found the story to be hilarious knowing how entitled sometimes people can get

Image credits: Jus10sBae