Remember how professor Severus Snape promised his students to teach them subtle science and exact art of potion-making? I wish I could attend his class. But since my owl apparently get lost on the way to Far East, I have to make do with herbal tea, honey and camomile.

This is a series about potions I wish I had at my disposal so many times in my life.

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Broken Heart Cure

The ingredients are simple: calmness of rainy day, darkness under the big soft blanket, taste of your favorite ice cream and some petals from your first rose bouquet. This is not a Love Potion, but it’s even better.
That’s Broken Heart Cure, first in the series.

„I Can Handle It “ Solution

If there’s a fire in your potions stash, this is one bottle you shall rescue first. It will save you even from the rage of your feared professor. And maybe even from Headmaster.
That’s „I Can Handle It “ Solution, second in the series.

„Don’t Be Sad “ Potion

This one is not so difficult to brew: catch a ray of sunshine into a cup of rooibos, add some pollen of fern flower, take a deep breath, add one teaspoon of sweetest honey, remember your favourite book, stir counterclockwise with a strawberry lollipop. There, you’re done. That’s „Don’t Be Sad “ Potion, third in the series.

Numb Serum

Brew this one in advance, because when you finally realize you need it, you won’t be able to do it right (and ruin everything with shaking hands, sobs or plain impatience). Keep it cold, drink it in small sips and your stupid heart won’t make you feel things. At least for some time.
That’s Numb Serum, fourth in the series.

„No Worries“ Mixture

Keep calm, you’ve got some time left to be lazy. Don’t worry about anything, you’ll deal with it later. Right now add some lavender in your tea, have a cookie and watch the sky altering clouds into castles and birds.
That’s „No Worries“ Mixture, fifth and last in the series.