Emojis have taken over the world, and rumour has it, the avocado will soon be hitting our phone keyboards. While there is never too many emojis, a UK Bingo club have created some of their own. Why put strain on your fingers when you can use emojis to express your feelings.

I wonder how many people still use internet slang? (LOL, ROFL, LMAO, AFK).

More info: blog.meccabingo.com

The beard emoji

Apparently there is a beard emoji petition. If you like it as much as we do – get signing! Maybe a stubble emoji will be next? ohh-er.

The throwing up emoji

The doctors mask doesn’t quite cut it, it’s too ambiguous, right? We want to make our feelings known and tell you exactly how we feel!

The mic drop emoji

Because you’ve said your piece and that’s all there is to it, or maybe you have a comeback *mic drop* END.

The food face emoji

We all have that friend who’s always consistently, without a doubt – eating. So why not express your greed and show your friends how satisfied you are.

The ‘Dab’ emoji

Gone are the days of Do the Dougie and Whip a Nae Nae. The dab dance has become extremely popular this year. Make your feelings known and dab away.

The shh emoji

Your secret is safe with me ‘zipped lips’ emoji already exists. But what about the shh don’t tell anyone emoji?

The Cup of Tea emoji

So there’s an emoji for a generic hot beverage, but what if you don’t want to send your friends a standard hot beverage? Cheers to the cup of tea emoji.

The Sunday Dinner emoji

Brits love a Sunday Dinner – it consists of a type of meat, vegetables, yorkshire and potatoes. What’s a Sunday without a Sunday Dinner eh?