The artistic collective called ‘Free Spirit’ has created an amazing show ‘EMAJINARIUM – A journey to the dreamlands’. 160 artists (all volunteers) have created a show combining performance art, dance and theatre.

EMAJINARIUM will be performed in Paris in France, Tokyo in Japan and in Africa. 160 people including dancers, actors, costume designers, makeup artists, sound designers, illustrators are supporting a foundation in charge of children orphaned by AIDS.

The show will include 80 costumes and 60 dancers on stage. The first date will be in the wonderful theatre of Madeleine in Paris.

We wish to combine our energies. This is what we think to be the most beautiful thing. ringing together, in a single and unique project, professionals and amateur artists with different backgrounds, experiences and origins.

The show is composed of 20 chapters. We decided that there would not be any dialogue, as we wish the interactions between characters and public to be led by physical expression and emotion externalization.

This exercise is complicated but necessary to allow the connection between public and artists. We would like our public to feel things, to live the experience and feel transported to the imaginary world.

We are not in a perpetual search for perfection, but we answer to our need to create together and share it.

Lastly, beyond our personal ambitions, we are all implicated in a humanitarian cause. Like all Free Spirit projects, our show aims at supporting an association that takes care of orphans suffering from AIDS in Africa.

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EMAJINARIUM by Free Spirit

EMAJINARIUM by Free Spirit

EMAJINARIUM by Free Spirit

EMAJINARIUM by Free Spirit