Sara Le Roy is opening Britain’s first 3D painting exhibition. Her ground-breaking oil paintings are designed to be viewed through 3D glasses and are the first of their kind. Le Roy’s stunning macabre renditions of fairytale princesses and childhood icons take the innocence of classic stories to the darkest layer of the human psyche. The 3D effect of Le Roy’s paintings invites the viewer on a surreal journey into the disturbing fate of her re-imagined modern day fairytales.

Exposing the sinister side of fairytales including Snow White, Alice in Wonderland and Red Riding Hood often sugar-coated by the film industry, Le Roy’s paintings explore the sexualised nature and idolisation of our favourite childhood characters. Commenting on the iconography of these fictional characters, Le Roy’s darkly humorous and modern take on our idealisation exposes how death and darkness lurk behind our treasured childhood stories. In Le Roy’s paintings the goddesses of the Disney world become eerily human, as she takes inspiration from her models and their real-life experiences for her paintings. A fugitive Tinkerbell goes on the run, Sleeping Beauty is confined to a mental ward and a streetwalking Ariel dons seashell nipple tassels to survive in a world that doesn’t care to hear her speak.

To create the 3D effect, Le Roy has worked closely with Casta Diva Pictures, the leading 3D film designers, to create the perfect 3D effect for her paintings. Alongside her 3D paintings there will be a short series of works exploring the iconography that underpins Disney characters like Mickey Mouse.

Sara Le Roy’s solo exhibition 3D Tales: The Disenchanted Forest will open at Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery in Hackney, London on 23rd February – 23rd March.

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Drowning Dwarf by Sara Le Roy

Sleeping Beauty by Sara Le Roy, 2014

Alice by Sara Le Roy

Foxy Lady by Sara Le Roy

Latex Alice and the Black Rabbit by Sara Le Roy, 2015

Mouse Job by Sara Le Roy, 2016

Queen of Hearts by Sara Le Roy, 2015

Queen of the Crop by Sara Le Roy, 2015