My name is Claudio Francescato, aka Francis Cat, and since I was a kid, I always liked to look for hidden things, things that nobody can see.

I used to go in a friend’s barn to find his grandpa’s old rusty tools, just to play with them; once I “renewed” them, and my little friends asked me to play with them: ”Me too! Me too! I want to try it!” I grew up with the idea that the ugly things are ugly only because nobody has seen their potential, their hidden beauty. I always fix “ugly” things, because I see them as treasures, as exclusive things and not contended and it’s a great satisfaction that “I want to try it!”.

It’s like when people discover that album that you already listen for years: you got angry because now that it’s sponsored everywhere it’s too easy to find. It’s too easy to appreciate that lyrics with the help of a critic. But when you’re looking back, you’re proud of your discovery after all the people… for years you were the one!

So, here it is, my project called SCARADOODLES: in every episode I find a different character, usually an animal, starting from a doodle made by a guest (“doodle” is “scarabocchio” in Italian). I upload these on my Youtube channel almost every day.

A Pelican

An Ant

A Goat

A Cat

A Fly

A Shark

A Dinosaur

An Armadillo

A Hedgehog

A T-Rex

A Penguin