I’m an illustrator and a student from Salatiga, Indonesia. I draw in larger canvas and paper or even wall, but back then I wanted to force myself drawing everyday to improve my art. I think this count as a journal, or pretty much like taking photos of precious memory.

At first, I just drew what I see at the doctor’s waiting room because I was bored when I had to wait for an appointment. And I had to wait hours and hours every time I had an appointment, which was about once in 2 weeks. So I just drew the situation as I see it in a compact sized sketchbook, 8cmx12 cm with pen.

Later, I went to a campus event for a week with a group of other students and made a friend there. He told me to draw what is happiness to help my depression. And for me, who feels alone with no friends, happiness is having a friend. The amazing thing I discovered was, as I decided to draw, it dragged me out to meet new friends, I even experienced the things I’ve never experienced. Whenever I feel down and the depression beats me, I look at the drawings and it helps me a lot to overcome it.

Also, my drawing skills in drawing anatomy and boy proportion improved as you can see it, I think it’s a bonus for me. I will continue drawing happiness, but for now I have these to share with all of you.

Got breakfast with some friends

Doctor’s appointment 1, Semarang

Doctor’s appointment 2, Solo

Alone in a crowd, a morning in a regular class

My lecturer

I was alone in a campus when I saw some groups of teenagers

Doctor’s appointment 3 (that’s my mom on the left), Solo

The people at the doctor’s waiting room

My working space

Went to Bali for a week with a group of students that mostly I’ve never talked with before

It was hard at first to feel so out of place, but I met some new friends

My boybriend had a surgery, the view from his room, Semarang

It’s him still asleep because of the anaesthetic

My graffiti friend did some graffiti art, chilling out with friends

Class now feels so much better

Another class, and I have someone who sit beside me that I can talk with. So much fun

Having late lunch with some friends

Team up in a crew, making film out of town with friends. Solo

Some friend chilling out after shooting. Solo

After shooting, crew with friends from Solo

Fire dance on FMA, an art festival in Muncul, Salatiga

Coffee seller on FMA

Contemporer wayang, traditional puppet on FMA

Performance on stage of FMA

Dinner with my boyfriend and friends, Semarang

Another film making, briefing

Late night conversation with friends

My workspace, now filled with some photos with friends

A date with my boyfriend, someone noticed me drawing and said hello. Solo