The “Sealed Evil in a Can” trope always seemed to me very intriguing. But surely I don’t want to unleash anything terrifying into the world, so all the haunted castles, bats and zombies trapped inside my glass jars are tiny and harmless.

For this small series of spooky Halloween pictures I used lots of smoke. I found it an easy way to create a mysterious and enigmatic atmosphere. Smoke is malleable and interesting object for shooting itself: cryptic, mystical and a bit creepy, it’s perfect for Halloween. And it looks even better in combination with some storytelling elements like, say, silhouettes of zombies, ghosts and witches. So I just cut them out from paper, set the backlight to make the jars shine and took a picture.

Fun fact: This series was inspired by an article from Eliezer Yudkowsky’s book “Reductionism“, that has nothing to do with zombies in a traditional sense of word, but still really sapid and fun to read.

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Souvenirs from haunted mansion

Zombies? Zombies!

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