As our love for our dogs grows, so do all of the goods and services available to pooch parents, like doggy day care, dog walkers, dog birthday parties, and dog cakes, to name but a few.

Dog photographer extraordinaire Alex Cearns of Houndstooth Studio lives with two rescue dogs, Pip and Pixel, who both celebrate each birthday with a custom made dog cake. According to Alex, watching Pip and Pixel eat their cake is always a source of amusement. “Pixel the greyhound slowly nibbles her cake, whereas Pip the Kelpie mix chomps on it as hard as she can, throwing cake everywhere.” she says. “This led me to think about how other dogs would eat cake, given they seem to love it so much, and I began to conceptualize a fun, albeit messy, photo shoot, showing dogs wigging out over cake.”

Called “Dogs VS Cake” Alex’s images are colorful, quirky and hilarious, and show our canine besties chowing down on their respective cakes with absolute glee. The cakes were crafted by dog bakery Barkday Paw-ty and contained dog specific ingredients, and best of all (according to the dogs) was that the leftovers were taken home. Please enjoy, ‘Dogs VS cake’. Just because.

The stars of ‘Dogs VS Cake’ are: Chubbs the Bulldog, Loki the Labrador, Ollie the Red Heeler, Bella the Kelpie mix, Doris the Boxer, Roman the Mastiff, Pepe-roni the French Bulldog, Bingo the terrier mix, Pedro the French Bulldog, Boubie Ketut the Pug, Errol the Griffon and Dylan the Weimaraner.

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