We as humans are unique in our ability to see shapes, faces, and patterns in completely random objects. It’s a phenomenon called apophenia and according to Wikipedia it’s described as “the tendency to mistakenly perceive connections and meaning between unrelated things”. And although the word “mistakenly” might carry a negative connotation in it, you can’t deny that seeing various shapes in clouds can definitely be fun! A Twitter user by the name of 41 Strange recently pointed out that they can see tiny koalas in dog paws and people were immediately interested. Naturally, every dog owner who saw the post went to check out their pet’s paws and photograph the supporting evidence to then share it with the world.

One Twitter user pointed out that dog paws look like tiny koalas

Image credits: 41Strange

And when you look much closer, you can definitely see that they have a point

Image credits: HTO

There were even some cat owners who joined in on the fun and curiously went to investigate their feline’s paws. Funnily enough, cats’ paws also resemble an animal, although some people argued that theirs look more like cutesy teddy bears and not koalas. Still, quite fun, isn’t it?

Image credits: Jackie

People soon responded with pictures of their pet’s paws to prove it

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Someone else mentioned that cat paws, in fact, look like tiny teddy bears

Image credits: Mummy2aRockStar

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While other people simply shared their own thoughts on the tweet

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